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My wife Kerstin & I are committed to environmental recovery & protection, social justice & well-being. We are active in efforts to combat climate change & protect biodiversity. We believe that musical theatre can serve to build awareness of environmental issues & mobilise people to live in harmony with nature. in 2018 we created a musical on light pollution for & with young children in our region -- La beauté de la nuit. I am currently working on a musical on the looming environmental collapse.

Environmental Certifications

Certificate of Advanced Studies on Sustainability, University of Geneva (my wife, Kerstin)


Amis de la Réserve Naturelle de la Haute-Chaine du Jura
Artisans de la transition, Genève

Environmental Actions

Carbon Conversations, Facilitator
Creation of a musical on the looming environmental collapse -- This Is Our Earth (underway)
Protection of amphibians on road crossings, Pays de Gex, France
Purchase only bio / organic foods, and where possible locally produced
Stop air travel in favour of rail within Europe, and only one international travel per year
Vegan, except for occasionally eating bio / organic eggs laid by chickens that are sent to "retireme
Further performances of our musical on light pollution -- La beauté de la nuit



“I pledge to support positive change for the planet and to be honest when sharing information on environmental actions.”
Apr 30, 2020
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