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Develop a trustworthy, quality brand that leverages the passions of good people around the world.

Creating wise choice products, with the environment in mind and empowering brand practices.

Join the Flux®DNA project and become part of our message. Pour your passion directly into our brand DNA. Empower others or make a statement to better our environment and together we can inspire change. As part of Flux®DNA we will involve you in our ad & product discussions, to ensure they better our cause.

Environmental Actions

Create a quality brand, that empowers human potential and makes advances towards a better environmen
Develop new concepts to provide environmentally friendly option, which exceed the quality of altenra
Reduce animal derivitives with quality, vegan certified concepts which match or exceed the standards
Utilise technology to minimise the unnecessary transportation of water around the globe
Developing fully recyclable & zero waste concepts
Reduce the use of non sustainable plastic



“We pledge to support positive change for the planet and to be honest when sharing information on environmental actions.”
Jul 25, 2017
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